From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/15/1911, p. 4, c. 5

Take Better Care of Shockoe Cemetery.

To the Editor of The Times-Dispatch:

Sir, - Visiting as I often do – personally interested – the ancient necropolis, Shockoe Cemetery, it is pathetic to note its neglected condition. Weeds, worthless vines hold riotous sway, creating a jungle, a hiding place for the moccasin and other creeping horrors. Granting its precincts are now almost in a state of desuetude, there sleep in its bosom the ashes of the illustrious dead, conspicuously Chief Justice Marshall and many lesser lights of celebrity – the conspicuous in our State’s history, whose names will never die. Richmond stands for her public-spirited sentiment and unanimously responds to every call, and in her prosperity it is a commentary that the oldest cemetery property around which clusters such time-enduring (and should be hallowed) memories, be so ignored by our city fathers. It is a much-sought Mecca to sightseers because of its antiquity and its famous sleepers. How sad to behold the decay of time and oblivion! There is no more fitting memorial to Richmond and her ancient regime than Shockoe Cemetery. Only one man employed there to do everything, grave digging, etc. One has but to see its pitiable condition to be inspired to plead to the committee on such affairs for a betterment of the state of old Shockoe Cemetery. The builders of our splendid city, many of them, are resting there (may I say forgotten?). I hope you will make a strong appeal for one more man in the care of Shockoe. My faith is strong in your pen, which could not work in a holier or more deserving cause.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 MRS. H. B. GAINES.

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