From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/31/1902, p. 7, c. 5

No Ceremonies to Mark the Event – Exact Location Not Determined.

The huge, gray stone which was sent here from Boston to be placed above the grave of Miss Elizabeth Van Lew will be in position within the next few days. There will be no ceremony when the stone is finally placed. Nothing whatever in the way of unveiling exercises will be had.

The stone will be placed either directly above the grave or at the head of the Van Lew section. If, after digging in the grave for a few inches below the surface, it is found that the grave is bricked up as all the other graves of the section are, then the stone will be placed immediately above the grave. If the grave is not bricked up the stone will be placed at the head of the section.

It is thought that many northern visitors to the city will hereafter visit this historic spot, and take photographs of the stone and the section where it will lie. Miss Van Lew was well known throughout New England, where she had many friends and sympathizers. As has been stated, it was from Boston that the stone was sent, and the public grounds of that noted city furnished the substantial memorial.

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