From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/10/1900, p. 3, c. 6

Many Quaint Old-Time Articles Found in the Old Homestead.

The appraisers of the property left by Miss Van Lew have discovered many valuable antiques and books stored away in the upper portion of the Van Lew residence.

For years past Miss Van Lew had been storing her furniture in the up-stairs rooms, and in the part of the house in which she lived there was little beyond the bare necessities.

Among the most interesting things brought to light is a woman’s dress made of Confederate homespun. A great sword and old fashioned clothing and a large number of books were also brought to light. Two wills – both made in 1896, but afterwards revoked – were found and turned over to Mr. J. R. V. Daniel.

All the property will be shipped to Boston to be sold, where it is believed better prices will be realized.

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