From the Richmond Dispatch, 2/16/1896, p. 18, c. 1

A Servant of Mr. Patrick Gibson Sleeps in His Section.

The recent agitation over the burial of an old family servant in the Woodbridge section in Shockoe Cemetery has developed the fact that that is not the only white burying-ground in this city containing the remains of a colored person.

There sleeps beneath the tree-boughs of beautiful Hollywood a trusted and faithful negro woman, who was for years in the family of Mr. Patrick Gibson. She was buried in Mr. Gibson’s section in that cemetery during the war, and her remains have rested there ever since. The permission to inter her remains in Hollywood was obtained through the influence of Hon. Jefferson Davis, who was then President of the Confederacy.

When Mr. A. Bargamin, president of the Hollywood Cemetery Company, was seen by a Dispatch reporter last night, he said he did not think there was any other colored person buried in Hollywood. He added, however, that when Mr. John P. Branch last went to Europe, the Board of Directors gave that gentleman permission for the burial of an aged servant in Mr. Branch’s section, in the event that she should die before Mr. Branch’s return from abroad. Fortunately, the old darkey is still living.

President Bargamin stated further that in cases where the owner of a section wished to bury a family-servant in his or her own lot, among the members of his own family, he would not object. He would not, however, allow any colored person to be buried in the cemetery with his permission, except under such circumstances.

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