From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/21/1893, p. 1, c. 2

Shockoe Cemetery.

To the Editor of the Dispatch:

Having a deep interest in the Shockoe Hill cemetery I was much pleased on a recent visit to that locality to witness a decided improvement in its appearance, made, I learned, from a small appropriation by the Council and also through a few of the lot-holders. This is most creditable indeed; but much remains yet to be done to place this “city of the dead” in a neat and clean condition, and it is earnestly hoped that those owning lots will now come forward and do some little at least in putting their own burying-places in order. It is true many of these lot-owners are poor, yet some effort should be made to beautify and make attractive the resting-places of the loved dead. The planting of a few flowers and the cutting of the dried grass and weeds would help greatly to add to the appearance of the cemetery, even if no more could be done. I heartily approve a suggestion made for a meeting of the lot-holders, at which, perhaps, some plan could be adopted for a permanent improvement scheme, and trust that some influential citizen will take the matter in hand. Let us in some way keep this old cemetery, where rests so many of the good people of the past, in a neat and beautiful manner. Who will move off in this suggestion for a meeting of the lot-holders?

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