From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/15/1892, p. 1, c. 2

Two Colored Excavators Caught Under an Embankment at the Tredegar.

William Hunter and Henry Crenshaw (colored), men engaged in excavating at the Tredegar-Works, were caught under caving earth yesterday afternoon and fatally injured.

The former was instantly killed and the latter so badly injured that he only lived about thirty minutes.

These men and another one were digging the foundation for a new building to be erected by the Tredegar Company and had undermined a considerable bank, when one of the workmen went on top to cave the earth, leaving the two underneath. The ground was wet and would not support his weight, and upon his stepping on the undermined portion the bank caved before warning could be given to Crenshaw and Hunter. They were therefore crushed beneath the falling mass.

Crenshaw was killed instantly and Hunter died in the ambulance while being conveyed to the almshouse. The man who fell with the earth escaped uninjured.

Hunter was about 25 years old and Crenshaw was 30. Both resided in Manchester, where their remains were sent last night to be prepared for burial by their relatives, the Coroner having viewed the bodies and deemed an inquest unnecessary.

The ambulance was called yesterday morning at 10:400 o’clock to Second and Duval streets to a negro man, whose leg had been broken. He was treated and taken to the residence of his brother, No. 700 north Second street.

It was also summoned at 11:42 o’clock A. M. to the Richmond Locomotive-Works to a white man who had been cut on the leg. He was treated and taken to his home, on Jefferson street.

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