From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/20/1887, p. 1, c. 7

A Belt Slipping Causes a Probably Fatal Accident.

Charlie Mann, a ten-year-old boy, residing with his parents at 609 High street, Oregon Hill, and employed at the Tredegar Iron-Works, yesterday met with an accident which it is thought beyond doubt will prove fatal.

About 5 o’clock in the afternoon he was at work as usual near the machine with which the iron for horse-shoes is bent, when the belt slipped off the pulley by which the machinery is operated. The consequence was that the machine, weighing about 2,000 pounds, fell back, and striking the boy in the left side, mashed his hipbones in, causing internal injuries of the most serious nature.

The city ambulance was summoned and responded quite promptly, with Dr. Irvine in charge. The unfortunate youth was taken home, and Dr. Trevillian and Dr. Irvine dressed his wounds. Circumstances were such that the family physician could not attend, and for this reason Dr. Trevillian, resident physician at the almshouse, was called in and assisted in the operation.

The boy’s arms and legs were also very badly burned.

At midnight the unfortunate’s condition was very serious, and it was not expected that he would live till morning.

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