From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/25/1875, p. 1, c. 3


A meeting of the Board of Aldermen was held in the Council chamber yesterday afternoon.
In the absence of Mr. Meredith, president of the Board, Mr. William E. Tanner was, on motion of Mr. Charles L. Todd, requested to preside.


On motion of Mr. Williams, Common Council joint resolution appropriating $20,00 in eight per cent. bonds to purchase twenty-five acres of land, or so much thereof as may be necessary, on Chimborazo, for a park, &c., was taken up, the question being on agreeing to the resolution.
The vote being taken the resolution was defeated, not receiving a two-thirds vote:
AYES. – Messrs. Bass, Carrington, Forrester, Kellam, Lipscomb, Scott, Smith, Spangenburg, Vandervall, Williams, and Zimmer – 11.
NOES. – Messrs. Beall, Manly, Todd, and Wagner – 4.
On motion of Mr. Wagner the vote by which the resolution was defeated was reconsidered.
On motion of Mr. Scott the subject was laid on the table.

[other items in this column, on unrelated matters, were not transcribed. – MDG]

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