From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/6/1861, p. 2

Maryland Volunteers. - The first company of Maryland Zouaves, 1st Regiment, held a meeting on the 4th of July, in this city, and elected the following officers:

Wm. Walter, Esq., Baltimore, Captain; G. W. Alexander, 1st Lieutenant; John Forsch, 2d Lieutenant; Chas Hemling, 2d Sergeant; F. Daffin, 3d Sergeant; J. L. Quinn, 4th Sergeant; John D. Mitchell, 1st Corporal; Wm. Uncle, 2d Corporal; John H. Rusick, 3d Corporal; Wm. A. Ryan, 4th Corporal.

Lieut. G. W. Alexander, as heretofore mentioned, is Adjutant of the Zouave Regiment.

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