From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/1/1861, p. 1

The Right Sort. - A company of Texas Rangers, numbering one hundred, are encamped at Howard's Grove. They are thoroughly armed and among the most perfect horsemen in the world.

From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/1/1861, p. 2

Texas Rangers. - In the list of officers of the Texas Rangers, published on the first page of this paper, the names of Surgeons Williams and Hairstein were accidentally omitted. - These gentlemen are said to be eminent in their profession. A Lieutenant of the corps visited us yesterday. He is a man of powerful stature, a fearless rider, and apparently able to cope with a platoon of the enemy. His bowie-knife would strike terror to the soul of every Lincolnite. The Rangers are now encamped at Howard's Grove, but will probably leave soon for the Northwest. They ask no quarter, and will give none.

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