From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/20/1861, p. 1

The Howitzers yesterday took possession of their new quarters, under the Spotswood House, to which they had previously conveyed their guns and accoutrements, so as to be ready instantly to answer any demand that might be made for their services. The men responded with alacrity to the call made on them, one hundred names answering at roll call. An election for officers was held, and Theo. P. Mayo, 1st Sergeant, was promoted to be 3d Lieutenant; Jas. Ellett, 2d Sergeant, was elected Orderly; N. B. Binford, 3d Sergeant, was promoted to 2d Sergeant, and W. P. Palmer, 4th Sergeant, was made 3d Sergeant. The company is in fine condition – the men enthusiastic, and willing and ready to obey the call of their State, and do effective service. We believe that the most ardent feelings of devotion to the State and the rights of the South now animate all of Virginia's sons, and that when the day of trial does come, they will be found battling for the defence of their rights and firesides against the invader, come from what quarter he may.

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