From the Richmond Daily Dispatch, Wednesday, 5/13/1863, page 1.

The Yankee Prisoners.

It gives us no pleasure to look at Yankee prisoners. We generally turn away when they approach, and look at something more agreeable. But for the first time yesterday we scanned critically the faces of these creatures, rapt in a spirit of insult, but to observe what manner of men they are. For the most part the arrivals yesterday were well clothed, had good shoes, and appeared to be well fed. Many of them were young, but the great mass large and able-bodied. Their faces, however, were very different from the open, earnest elevated faces of our men. The expression was sensual, selfish, secretive, which are the prevalent characteristics of their race. In these respects the officers are as bad as the men. Some of the officers who were brought prisoners from Guinea's a week ago looked with licentious leers upon the ladies who surrounded the cars, and altogether, from all we can learn, presented as debased specimens of humanity as any in the ranks. We would advise our people to have nothing to say to these people, and to hold no intercourse with them of any kind. They do not deserve a look, they are too much honored by a word, from those whom they came to butcher and destroy.

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