From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/21/1862

Shooting a Patient at the Louisiana Hospital. - One of the guard employed at the Louisiana Hospital, upper end of Broad street, named Michael Roche, was committed to Castle Godwin last Wednesday for wilfully shooting Julius Martin, of the Louisiana Battalion, a patient at the hospital, in the neck with a musket ball, and causing his immediate death. It appeared that deceased had been allowed to leave the hospital, and overstaid his time, and that on his return one Corporal Bussey, of the guard, ordered the sentinel to take him to the room used for the confinement of malcontents and lock him up. The deceased, who had been wounded at Seven Pines and in the recent battles before Richmond, deeming the order a harsh one, resisted, and the Corporal ordered the sentinel to fire, which he did, the parties being but a few feet apart. Bussey was also locked up for giving the fatal order.

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