From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/14/1862, p. 1, c. 7

The Enemies Wounded. - The wounded men left by the Yankee army during their hasty exit from before Richmond continue to arrive here in small parcels, being brought up as fast as means of transportation can be furnished them. One hundred and sixty-four arrived on Saturday, including the following officers, some of whom are badly wounded, viz: George A Woodward, Major of the 2d Pa; Edward Donnelly, Surgeon of the 2d Pa; Fred T. Peet, 2d Lt H, 1st U. S. Rifles; Wm R. Adams, Capt. F, 10th Pa; Alfred Reed, Capt. K, 20th Indiana; Wm Bryan, Capt K, 3d Pa; S. S. Matthews, Capt. L, 5th Mich; T. Chamberlain, Capt. F, 5th Mich; L. B. Calwell, 2d Lt F, 61st N. Y; Wm S Walton, 2d Lt. 34th N. Y.; John H. Costar, Capt. F, 1st N. Y.; W. B. Werner, Capt. K, 1st N. Y.; Geo L. Melville, 1st Lt G, 1st N. Y; O. H. Garther, Adjt and 1st Lt, 10th Pa; Wm C Faxen, 2d Lt I, 1st Conn.

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