From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/2/1862, p. 1, c. 3


The zeal and self-sacrificing devotion of the "Committee for our Wounded," is worthy of the highest commendation. Day and night have they labored assiduously to promote the welfare and alleviate the sufferings of our brave, but unfortunate wounded. From the beginning of the fight their exertions have been untiring, and doubtless many a valuable life has been spared by their timely attention.


By the bedside of the wounded, at all hours, are to be found the ladies of Richmond, soothing the pains and ministering to the wants of our suffering heroes. With patriotic devotion they have given themselves to this labor of affection, and the tender care and gentle kindness of these angels of mercy contribute materially to the relief of the those who have fallen by the hands of the foe. The ladies of this city will ever be gratefully remembered by the gallant spirits from every State who have had occasion to occupy the hospitals of Richmond.

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