From the Richmond Enquirer, 1/13/1852, p. 4, c. 1


A correspondent of the Savannah Georgian, writing from Richmond, Dec. 19th, says, with reference to the “Tredegar Iron Works:”

“An object of particular attention to me, was a locomotive engine, which had just been finished for the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad. Its appearance was very fine, both as to form, in boiler and wheels, and the finish was also good. It is highly creditable to the energy and enterprise of Mr. Anderson that such an elegant piece of machinery has been produced at his works, especially as this is the first effort which has been made at the South.”

The writer is in error about this matter. Locomotive engines have been made, born in Richmond and Petersburg, long since. More than twelve months ago, we saw a fine one turned out in Richmond for the Danville Railroad; and previous to that time, Mr. Wells, of this city, made more than one for the Petersburg Railroad, which were highly approved, and which have worked admirable. We hope that after this, Southern railroads will avail themselves of the facilities offered in Richmond and Petersburg for supplying themselves with locomotives, and thus contribute, in some degree, to the prosperity of Southern mechanics in this line. – [Petersburg Intelligencer.

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