From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/26/1900, p. 15, c. 1


The will of Miss Elizabeth L. Van Lew, who died last Tuesday, was filed yesterday by Mr. J. R. V. Daniel, attorney for the deceased.

The estate, valued at $5,000, is left to her niece, Mrs. Annie Randolph Hall, wife of John Hall.

A provision in the will requires the rosewood and mahogany furniture in the Van Lew house to be sold in Boston.

Messrs. John T. Goddin and John Philip Reynolds are appointed executors.

One of the minor provisions of the testament relates to a manuscript, which is left to the last-named executor. It is believed to contain Miss Van Lew’s autobiography, and, if such is the case, it will shortly appear in book form.

The value of the estate will fall considerably below the general expectation, although it has been known that Miss Van Lew was for years past in financial straits.

By a provision of her father’s will, the sum of $10,000 – represented in the old homestead – is now to be divided amongst the children of Mr. John Van Lew’s sister. There is a charge on the estate of $10,000, and something like $3,500 is due for back taxes.

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