From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/17/1900, p. 5, c. 1

Several of Them Elect officers and Map Out Plans for Their Work - Contract for Tar Awarded to the Armitage M'fg Company.

Last night was a busy one in Council circles, despite the fact that the mercury was dancing up around the century mark.

Several committees met for organization, and two which had already chosen their officers held sessions for general business.

…Mr. Richardson Defeats Mr. French.

...The committee then proceeded with the election of employees. Mr. W. Allen Dickenson was unanimously elected Keeper of Oakwood Cemetery, having been nominated by Mr. Williams. Nominations were then declared in order for the position of Keeper of River View Cemetery. The contest for this position had been very spirited between Messrs. F. A. French (incumbent) and C. E. Richardson, and the result had been in doubt for several days. The vote resulted in the election of Mr. Richardson. Mr. French received two votes – those of Messrs. Mann and Williams. Mr. Richarson received five votes – those of Messrs. Blanks, Fergusson, Beck, McCarthy, and Whittet.

For the positions of laborers at Shockoe-Hill Cemetery Mr. Mann placed in nomination the incumbents, W. S. Blackburn and W. J. Smith, Mr. Beck nominated Alfred J. Keith and John R. Leaman. Superintendent Davis recommended the retention of the present employees, explaining that it was very important to have a man thoroughly acquainted with the ranges and sections in the cemetery, so that no mistake might occur in locating graves, the books not being correct and the arrangement of the cemetery being very intricate. The vote was taken and it resulted in the election of Messrs. Keith and Leaman, those voting for Messrs. Blackburn and Smith being Messrs. Mann, Fergusson, and Williams.

The chairman appointed the following sub-committees: On Oakwood Cemetery – Messrs. Mann and Williams. On River View Cemetery – Messrs. Fergusson and Blanks. On Shockoe Hill Cemetery – Messrs. McCarthy and Beck. The payrolls of the department were approved and ordered to be paid.

[remainder of column, on unrelated matters, was not transcribed – MDG]

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