[Rules and Regulations, no date, for South Carolina Hospital ]



1st Assistant Surgeons will hand a Morning Report to the Surgeon of those in ward or private quarters who are ready for duty, with a list of all convalescents who can be transferred.

2nd All patients recommended to be furloughed or discharged must be examined by the Surgeon in Charge.

3rd The Assistant Surgeon must daily examine the register, seeing that their patients names are all registered, and that deaths, discharges, furloughs, and returns to duty, are therein stated by the clerk correctly. The Diagnosis of every case must, at the earliest opportunity, be recorded on the register.

4th The blanks for all requisitions upon the storeroom and linen room must be signed by the Assistant Surgeons themselves.

5th The Assistant Surgeon will make weekly reports to the Surgeon of such patients as are in private quarters reporting to them.

Rules for the Ward

1st All patients must be at their beds during the morning and evening visits of the Surgn.

2nd No baggage allowed in the ward.

3rd No one is to loiter on another bed, each person being accountable for the neatness of his own.

4th No smoking allowed in the wards or stair-cases.

5th Cleanliness being an object of consistent solicitude, patients are required to contribute to this end in every possible way. Spittoons are provided for each bed.

6th Patients are not to leave the premises nor loiter about the Hospital without special permission from the wards Surgeon.

7th Any one leaving the Hospital without permission shall be reported as a Deserter.

8th The ward master will have separately labeled with name, rank, regiment and company, all clothes to be washed, indicating the ward and number of bed.

9th Ward master will see that the ward and stair case be swept at least three times daily, attending also to general cleanliness of the apartment.

10th Any negligence on the part of the nurses or employees must be reported to the Surgeon in charge.

11th The Ward Masters will, at all times, see to the comfort of the sick, and strictly carry out the directions of the Surgeons.

12th Every Ward Master shall be held responsible by the Surgeon in charge for the condition of his ward, its bedding and furniture.

13th The Ward Master must make duplicate accounts of all articles for the laundry, one to go to the linen-room, the other for the laundress.

Rules for the Apothecary

1st Carefully label every vial indicating the patients name and No of bed.

2nd Examine the labels on medicines before using them.

3rd Clean mortars, spatulas, and pill tiles after using them, and return all bottles to their places.

4th No patients or Soldiers allowed in the Apothecary shop.

Middleton Michel
Surgn C. S. A.

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