From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Inspection report, dated 10/9/1862, for General Hospital #26.

Richmond Oct 9th 1862

Surgeon E. S. Gaillard

I have the honour to report that I this day visited Genl Hosl No. 27 [mistake - he's talking about General Hospital #26] and found Surgeon G. S. West C.S.A. in charge. The hospital building is well adapted for Hosl. purposes & is in good condition – The wards are well lighted & ventilated – the Dining room, kitchen & Stewards department are passably neat and orderly.

The privies require additional enclosures.

There is no Hosl Fund accounted – No data for making out reports – No copies of requisitions or accounts of property receipted for. This Hosl was opened by Surgeon G. W. Briggs P.A.C.S. who with an apothecary & Hosl Steward managed it with great credit to himself.

Three contract acting Asst. Surgeons have since been employed who have made no monthly reports or kept no records of assistance to Surgeon West who has very recently taken charge.

He has now a competent Hosl Steward furnished by your order.

In this Hosl also the condition of the Hosl fund is such that it [is] most desireable that amount commuted be paid as soon after due as proper.

Very Respectfully
    Your Obedient Servant
        Wm. A. Carrington,
            Inspector of Hosls.

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