Joseph R. Anderson Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Richmond Mar. 15 1865

Col. F. W. Sims
RRd Bureau

We can furnish you about 100 kegs spikes at present – but as all our hands are now in the field, I know not when we make more.

Say to Capt. Roual[?] that I could not have the Bills made in consequence of the absence of all Clerks.

As Capt. R. expects to leave this evening, will you be so good as to authorize him to see your agents at Danville & Greensboro & instruct them to send on a Carload of goods for us, in charge of Special Agent W. H. Gunndoffer[?], who has be detained at Greensboro now over 3 weeks at heavy expense, to get on these goods, which he has been unable to do although they have been loaded in a Car the whole time. It is very important that we get these things at once. In all probability Capt. Roual[?] will find them still at Greensboro.

J. R. Anderson & Co.

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