From the National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 707-709; "Letters Received and Sent, Chimborazo Hospital. 1861-64." 3 Vols: Vol. 709, pt. 1, p. 146

4th Division
Chimborazo Hospital
July 6th 1864


     In obedience to instructions, I have the honor to make the following report of Act. Asst. Surgeons on duty in this Division during the month of June, and to the present date of this month. Act. Asst. Surg. J. H. Jones reported for duty the 26th May, and has discharged his duties faithfully and with entire satisfaction.

Act. Asst. Surg. A. Holsombake reported for duty June 10th and cancelled his contract July 5th. He was very attentive, and quite faithful in his discharge of his duties.

Act. Asst. Surgeon J. M. Turner reported June 22nd and has been, and is now in the faithful discharge of his duties.

Act. Asst. Surgeon J. W. Bowen reported June 6th and having in my opinion discharged his duties to the best of his ability, has made many blunders in his prescriptions, and has given anything but satisfaction to his patients or the officer in charge of the Hospital. His services not being absolutely necessary, his removal is requested.

Very Respectfully
    Your Obdt Servt
        W. D. Chapman, Asst. Surg. in Chg

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