From the National Archives, RG 109, Ch. VI, Vol. 408 (Letters, Orders, and Circulars Issued and Received, Chimborazo Hospital No. 2. 1861-65), p. 8

[no date, but follows a letter dated Dec. 13th 1863]

The Laundry matron will be required to keep a strict account of the clothing sent to the wash, writing down the prices and seeing when they are returned that they are all correct as to the number and cleanliness.

No clothing either for the beds or men to be given out except by an order from Mrs. Pember or under her supervision.

The clothing taken out must be always returned clean by the end of the week if taken out at the commencement. All the clothing or materials received through requisition to be brought to Mrs. Pember to be disposed of through her.

S. E. Habersham

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