James B. McCaw Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Chimborazo Hospl
July 16/1863

To Surgeon Genl


The purchase of wood alluded to in your letter of 15th was rendered necessary for this reason.

I have a guard of 4 men stationed some 2 ½ miles in the country guarding a vegetable garden which furnishes me with a large quantity of Vegetables every day by which I [am] making a saving per diem of not less than $300.

It is impossible to furnish them with wood for cooking purposes from the Q. M. Department, and I doubt if it was not more proper to pay the expense of this guard out of the Hospl Fund, as the benefit accrued to the Hospl Fund. I therefore purchased small quantities of fuel for their use.

Hoping this explanation may be satisfactory I am

Very Respectfully
J. B. McCaw

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