From the New York Times, 4/30/1865

Condition of the Public Mind in Richmond – Doubts and Fears about Our Future Policy – The Southern People in Relation to Booth’s Horrible Deed – How They Look Upon It – Present Local Government of Richmond – What is Needed – The Churches – Gen. R. E. Lee.

From Our Own Correspondent.

RICHMOND, Va., Sunday, April 23, 1865.

[Extremely long, and non-specific description of the situation of the South following Lincoln’s assassination. Not transcribed.]

….The Episcopal Churches still remain closed today. At many of the churches of other denominations feeling and appropriate prayers and sermons were delivered, having especial reference to our national calamity.

Gen. R. E. LEE still remains in this city, and keeps himself so secluded that nobody would suppose, unless so informed, that he is still among us. Few, I believe, have ventured to intrude upon his privacy, beyond the circle of his own friends; but one Northern gentleman was necessarily bound to call upon him in the ordinary pursuit of his business. I yesterday met Mr. BRADY, the celebrated photographer of New York, who had just been favored with an interview by the General, and had taken splendid cabinet portraits of him and all his staff. It will doubtless add an interesting item to his already splendid gallery of notabilities. Mr. BRADY says the General received him with the utmost affability and cordiality of manner.


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