John H. Winder Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Richmond, Va
Apl 15th 1863

Mr. President,

We take the liberty of asking the promotion of Brig General John H. Winder to a Major Generalship.

His opportunities have not enabled him to distinguish himself on the field. His abilities, at his present post, have been quiet but extremely arduous, and he has performed them with a fidelity and assiduity that entitle him to high commendation.

You know him too well, to require any voucher, for his sterling integrity as a man and his high and gallant bearing as a soldier and gentleman.

If the absence of daring feats in battle, be no obstacle to his promotion, we humbly conceive, that his untiring performance of the duties assigned him, entitle him to reap the rewards of his profession. This, added to his age and long service, pleads strongly his claim to Executive regard. [page break]

It is due to General Winder to say, that this communication is made without his knowledge. Whilst we have no doubt that his promotion would be exceedingly gratifying to him, yet such is the sensitive modesty of his nature, that it is scarcely to be expected, that he would ever make application for it. This is therefore, rather an appeal to your generosity and justice, for a merited tribute to a good, true and faithful officer, than the importunity of a mere seeker for promotion.

Excuse the liberty we have taken and accept assurances of the great consideration and respect, with which, we are

Your obt. Svts.
Herschel V. Johnson
B. H. Hill

His Excly

Jefferson Davis



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