From the Richmond Examiner, 1/23/1866, p. 3, c. 2

RESUMED THE LAW PRACTICE. – After twenty-nine years spent in Richmond as Prosecuting Attorney and Mayor of the city, Hon. Joseph Mayo, at the age of three-score years and ten, returns to the practice of law on the other side of the bar. Mr. Mayo has taken an office on Governour street, adjacent to the Richmond House, and will henceforth give his attention to legal business, practicing in all the courts of record, but not in the Mayor’s or Freedmen’s Court. From among Mr. Mayo’s host of friends and acquaintances, we are satisfied he will gain a large and lucrative practice. No lawyer in Virginia is deeper or better read in the common law and equity than our ex-Mayor, and we are certain that his talent and experience will win for him new renown as an attorney at law, after so many years spent in its administration.

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