From the Richmond Examiner, 8/27/1864, p. 2, c. 3

Attempted Escape of Yankee Prisoners from Belle Isle – Several Killed and Wounded. – On Thursday evening, during the raging of the storm, two of the Yankee prisoners on Belle Isle sought to evade the guard, made a run for the river, intending to plunge in and gain the Manchester shore. They were hailed and then fired upon by several of the guard. One who had reached the river was killed, and his body, floating away with the current, was not found; his comrade was shot and wounded in the arm. He was secured. About midnight three others attempted their escape in the same manner. They were discovered and fired upon, one killed and the two others wounded. Upon counting the prisoners yesterday morning one was still missing, not including those killed and wounded.

The prisoners at this post are in charge of Lieutenant V. Bossieux, with a sufficient guard, and the above will indicate that they are discharging their duty with becoming rigour. The names of none of the killed or wounded are given in Lieutenant Bossieux’s report of the affair, nor are they at all necessary.

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