From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/17/1863, p. 1, c. 4

FAREWELL LETTER OF KELLOGG, THE SPY. – The Philadelphia Inquirer publishes the following letter of Spencer Kellogg the spy, who was executed here, to his parents in that city:

CASTLE THUNDER, VA., Sept.23, 1863.

Dear Father – By permission, and through the courtesy of Capt. Alexander, I am on able to write you a few lines. You who before this have heard from me in regard to my situation here, can, I trust, hear it when I tell you that my days on earth are soon ended. Last Saturday I was court-martialed, and this evening, a short time since, I received notice of my sentence, by Captain Alexander, who has since shown me every kindness consistent with his duty.

Writing to my dear parents, I feel there can be no more comfort after such tiding than to tell you that I trust, by the mercy of our heavenly Father, to die the death of a Christian. For more than a year, since the commencement of my confinement, I have been trying to serve Him in my poor feeble way, and I do not fear to go to Him. I would have loved to see you all again; God saw best not; why should we mourn? Comfort your hearts, my dear parents, by thoughts of God’s mercy unto your son, and how with reverence beneath the hand of Him who “doeth all things well.” I have but little business to dispose of. Yourself or Uncle Cozzens at St. Louis will please draw my pay from the Government, and invest it in United States bonds at present, the interest of which will be paid semi-annually to my wife. * * *

I sent a ring to my wife by a clergyman Monday last; I also sent a telegram to your self, which will arrive too late, as the time of my execution is set for day after to-morrow—Friday, September 25th. I will try to send a short letter to my wife, accompanying this. * * * Capt Alexander, commandant of this prison, deserves your respect and grateful remembrance for his kindness to your son in his last hours.

Dear Parent: - There are but a few more moments left me; I will try to think often of you. God bless and comfort you; remember me kindly and respectfully to all my dear friends and relatives. Tell Kitty I hope to meet her again. Take care of Freddy for me; put him often in remembrance of me.

Dear Mother — Good bye. God comfort you, my mother, and bless you with the love of happy children. Farewell, my father; we meet again by God's mercy.

                                                                                                  SPENCER KELLOGG.

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