From George W. Alexander CSR, NARA M331

[following page attempts to summarize Alexander's Confederate service, and was obviously compiled by War Department clerks following the war. Some citations are to documents in the Official records, and other War Department documents]

July 12, 1861 Prisoner of War confined in Fort McHenry, Md. Escaped Sept. 7, 1861. (Series 2, Vol. 2, p. 226)

Oct. 2, 1861. Writes to Sec. Of War, from Richmond, reporting his escape, and says when fit for duty will report in person. Signs as "1st Lieut., PACS" (Series 2, Vol. 3, p. 724)

June 1, 1862 Gen. Winder, Condg. Dept. Of Henrico, recommends appointment of G. W. A. as an Asst. Adjt. Gen. (W-901-A.&I.G.O. 1862)

June 12, 1862 Appointed Capt. A. G. Dept. and ordered to report to Gen. Winder for special duty. (Rel. Rank Book. Report A. O.)

Oct. 27, 1862 Relieved from command of C. S. Prisons by Capt. T. P. Turner. G. O. #25, Dept. Of Henrico. (Series 2, Vol. 4, p. 928)

Nov. 12, 1862 Signs an application for an appointment of a hospital steward as A.A.G. & A.P.M. Was in Richmond at this time. (B-2424, A.&I.G.O. 1862)

Feb. 15, 1864 By S. O. #37, Hdqrs. Dept. Of Henrico, Capt. Geo. W. Alexander was ordered to proceed to Charlotte, N. C., and relieve Capt Richardson f the duties assigned to him by S. O. #36, Hdqrs Dept. Of Henrico. He signs vouchers for expenses incurred as A.A.G. (Personal Papers)

May and June, 1864 Was Capt. & A.A.G. In command of Post at Salisbury, N. C. (Report A. O.)

June 4, 1864 Writes to the Sec. Of War, from Salisbury, N. C., saying that he was ordered to the command of the Post, and upon arrival found many things requiring attention, etc. (A-632. A.&I.G.O. 1864)

June 8, 1864 Relieved from duty at Salisbury, N. C. (Order A.&I.G.O. #133)

June 22, 1864 Writes from Richmond, Va., asking assignment to duty. (A-653, A.&I.G.O. 1864)

July 2, 1864 Writes from Richmond asking to be assigned to duty with Brig. Gen. Wm. Gardner. By endorsement Gen. G declines to ask for this assignment No action noted. (A-696. A.&I.G.O. 1864)

Nov. 28, 1864 Tenders resignation to take effect Dec. 31, 1864. He signs as A.A.G. Of Bartose's Brigade and says he has been on duty for the last two months. (Personal Papers)

Dec. 31, 1864 Resignation accepted as A.A.G. By S.O. #285 A.&I.G.O. Dec. 1, 1864, to take effect on 31st.

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Capt. Alexander was evidently placed in command of Castle Thunder when relieved from command of C. S Prisons Oct. 27, 1862, and remained in command of that prison (except for a short period, when absent at Charlotte, N.C. under order of Feb. 15, 1864) until sent to Salisbury, N. C. After he was relieved from the latter post, and until he is found as A.A.G. with Barton's Brigade his status cannot be determined. J.S.M.

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