From the Richmond Examiner, 6/9/1864

SHIPMENT OF PRISONERS OF WAR. – Yesterday morning eleven hundred of the Yankee Prisoners of war held in Richmond, and which have mainly accumulated since General Lee commenced active operations on the Richmond lines, was sent Southward, en route for Americus, Georgia. Today, one thousand more of the same sort will follow. Between forty and fifty officers are included among the prisoners forwarded.

GENERAL WINDER ORDERED TO AMERICUS, GA. – Brigadier General John H. Winder, recently commanding the military department of Richmond, and assigned to the post of Goldsboro, North Carolina, has subsequently received additional orders instructing him to report to Americus, Georgia, with the assumption of the command of the forces at Americus and the prison post at Andersonville. This is a more important command than that to which General Winder was first ordered, including, as it does, the care of twenty odd thousand prisoners of war held at Andersonville. General Winder's staff and attaches, who accompanied him from Richmond, report with him at the latter post. Andersonville is the grand depot of all the prisoners taken in the Southern Confederacy, south of Richmond, and the Libby prison is the receiving depot of those captured north of Richmond, but with Andersonville as their destination. Colonel A. W. Person was in command at Andersonville previous to the ordering of General Winder there, and it is probable he will remain in charge under the command of the General.

Brigadier-General Baker has been assigned to the post of Goldsboro', vice General Winder ordered to Americus. Between General G. W. Smith, in command of the Georgia reserves, and General Winder a warm intimacy exists, and we anticipate the best results from the juxtaposition of their commands.

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