From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Inspection report, dated 10/8/1862, for General Hospital #27.

Richmond, Oct. 8th 1862

Surgeon E. S. Gaillard, Medical Director

I have the honour to report that I visited Genl Hosl No. 27 this day – The Building is situated on 27th st. in the suburbs of the city & is a wooden frame building 40 ft by 65 used originally as a drill room by Co. G 1st Va. Regt. Two small rooms (used as a store room & offices & apothecary shop) are cut off at one end. The pitch is very high & the roof covered with tin – I am of [the] opinion that with a stove at each end of the building it will be livable during the winter for hospital purposes. A small kitchen & a privy have been erected at the expense of the government.

The Surgeon in Charge ___ S. Hope M.D. has passed the board of examiners.

Assistant Surgeon – He has no other Surgeon assisting him & is about constantly on duty. The capacity of the building is 65 patients. Hospital Steward R. M. Bidgood attends to his duties & these generally delegated to a clerk or assistant Surgeon. He incurs the compensation obtained by Government only. I found the Hospital Records in a tolerable condition only. The ward which occupied the whole building was well lighted & ventilated & well kept. The floor building possesses of the patients & their clothing was neat & cleanly - ___ of the kitchen and utensils – All the bread used is baked in the kitchen.

No rations have been sold since the order to that effect but the Hospital Fund is in a very reduced condition & in this convention I urge upon you the necessity of having the Act of commutation made out at an earlier day in each month – It is not paid now until near the last of the month succeeding the one commuted for.

The privy is in tolerable order – Candles used entirely – no Gas within bldg. Very good discipline seemed to prevail though no "regulation" as required in Regn no 28 were "hung conspicuously." Only 4 Desertions have taken place though there have been no sentinels.

The attendants are Guards & are Allowed by the Regulations.

The laundry arrangements to which I call your attention ____ (see report on Steam C.S. Laundry) is most ____ for ____.

Very Respectfully Your Obedient Servant
     Wm. A. Carrington
        Surgeon & Inspector of Hosls.

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