From the Richmond Commercial Bulletin, 5/6/1865, p. 3, c. 2

SOUP HOUSE. – We were shown the admirable arrangements of the City Soup House, under Metropolitan Hall, on yesterday, by the efficient agent, Mr. Irving. It is now a free concern, and upon application to the visitors of the U. S. Christian Commission, tickets will be given, by which an amount of soup, proportionate to the size of the family, can be obtained. We witnessed the progress of the boiling, and can testify to the richness and clean appearance of the savory article. In truth, with such a Soup-erintendent as Mr. .Irving, the wonder would be that it should be otherwise. The issues will be made daily, at noon.

THE CHRISTIAN COMMISSION of the United States Army, of which George H. Steuart, Esq., of Philadelphia, is President, having taken charge of the Soup House under Metropolitan Hall, are distributing daily therefrom to the poor, soup of a very superior quality, free of charge. They can supply several hundred gallons daily. This is but one of the many charitable dispensations of the Commission. Ever since the occupation of the city, its efforts have been directed towards the relief of the wants of the city poor, and those reduced to want so suddenly by the great fire of the 3d of April.

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