From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/7/1917, p. 15, c. 4

Justice Crutchfield Questions Sending of John McCullough to the Juvenile Court.

When Justice Crutchfield learned yesterday that John McCullough, sixteen years old, charged with the murder of Willie Randolph, colored, at the Tredegar Iron Works, was held for trial at the Juvenile Court instead of the Police Court, where the case is docketed, he emphatically stated that he would take up the matter with Judge Richardson in order to ascertain which court has the jurisdiction over the case.

John McCullough, 427 West Seventh Street, was arrested by Policemen Jennings and Reid on the charge of killing Willie Randolph, colored, seventeen years old, by striking him over the head with a wrench. Both of the boys were employed at the Tredegar Iron Works. It is said that Randolph continually imposed upon and nagged McCullough, who became incensed at his action and struck Randolph over the head with a wrench. Randolph was seriously wounded and carried to the Virginia Hospital. On September 27, two days later, as the result of the blow over the head Randolph died. The warrant for felonious assault up which McCullough was then held was changed to murder. Yesterday morning McCullough was called for trial in the Police Court. When the defendant did not appear to answer the charge, it was found that he was held for the Juvenile Court, to appear before Justice Ricks, and that the case had been postponed until next Saturday. When Justice Crutchfield sent an officer to Justice Ricks to determine the status of the case, Ricks sent word that he would see Justice Crutchfield in regard to the matter later in the day.

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