W. N. Smith Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Richmond Arsenal
Laboratory Dept.
Decr 2nd 1863

Maj. W. S. Downer
Supt Armories


I would respectfully ask if you can consistently without multiplying your duties too much to receive of me in behalf of the operatives of this department who have families, Ten or Fifteen Thousand Dollars, ($10,000 or $15,000) and permit them to draw from your Store Flour or Meal, and such other articles as you can issue for their relief. The above has been suggested to me by many of the Working Men of families and I beg leave to submit it for your consideration.

Very Respectfully,
Your obdt Servt
W. N. Smith
Capt & M. S. K.

Lt. Col. W. LeRoy Brown
Commdg &c



Res. Forwarded approved

W. LeRoy Brown
Lt. Col.

Dec 2

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