From the Richmond Dispatch, 3/16/1863, p. 2, c. 2


Died, on the 13th instant, after the severest pains of about 12 hours, caused by the painful accident on Brown’s Island, MARY SUSAN WHITEHURST, daughter of John and Eliza Whitehurst, aged 15 years 3 months and 9 days.

It is sad to record the death of this one we loved and prized so well. Her death has thrown a gloom over the family of which she was the light and joy. She possessed a character which caused all to love her dearly. None knew her but to love her. Her manners were soft and kind to all, and her behavior affectionate and loving to all who knew her. To her parents she was kind, loving, and obedient; with her companions she was happiness, all loved her. She was not aware of her situation on this earth, and pains she knew none. From that awful moment her words were few, and spoke only once, saying “Lord, have mercy,” and God called her to his arms. She died as though she was going to sleep, without saying farewell.

Poor, poor Mary, we can never forget thee. We will miss thee at morn, at noon, and at eve. There is a place now vacant in the family which never can be filled with another so kind as thee. But we find comfort in reflecting that thou hast only left us to join your companions who only started a few hours before, and exchanged the toils and griefs of this earth for the peace and happiness of Heaven. Farewell, farewell!

Farewell, farewell, is a lonely word,
It oftimes brings the tear;
Farewell, farewell, we say at last,
To thee we love so dear.
          Farewell, farewell!
Good bye, good bye, our MARY dear,
Farewell, farewell, we speak;
We will strive to meet thee, MARY dear,
On that great judgment seat!
       Good bye, good bye!
Yes, we will miss thee, MARY, at home,
At morn, at noon, and at night;
There is a seat now vacant at the table,
Where your presence has caused us delight.
Dear MARY, now what will we do?
We will wait, we will watch in vain;
You are gone from this earth of troubles,
But we will strive to meet you again.

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