From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/16/1863, p. 2, c. 3


AT A MEETING OF THE FORMER RESIDENTS of the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia, held January 13th, 1863, at the C. S. Army Laboratory, Captain W. N. SMITH was called to the chair, and Mr. PHIL. J. ENNIS chosen Secretary.
The Chairman stated that the object of this meeting was for the purpose of affording relief to those ladies and children who have left their homes in search of their relatives and friends in the South; and he understood there were several families in the city who were unable to find them, and had not the necessary means to support themselves.

Mr. John Flaherty then offered the following preamble and resolution, which were unanimously adopted:

Whereas, a number of ladies and children have recently left their homes in the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia to join their husbands and relatives in the Confederate States; and, arriving here, have been unable to find them or learn their locality, and are in consequence without friends or acquaintance to provide for their safety and protection; Be it, therefore,

Resolved, That a committee be appointed by the Chair to devise means to ensure the safety and comfort of those so situated until they are enabled to communicated with their friends, and that Captain W. N. Smith, Superintendent of the Laboratory, be appointed Treasurer, to receive all contributions which may be made to defray all the necessary expenses for this purpose, and to appoint any committees deemed requisite to accomplish the objects of this meeting.
In compliance with the above resolutions the Chairman appointed the following committees,

Collecting Committee. – Lieut. James McHenry, jr, John Flaherty, John F Carter, Phillip J. Ennis, Henry Konig.

Committee to Provide Comfortable Quarters for the Refugees and Conduct them from City Point to Richmond – Phil J. Ennis, F M Sherry, Phillip Davis, A Marceton, J D McCluskey.

Committee to Provide Conveyance for the Refugees at the Petersburg Depot. – Capt W N Smith, John Flaherty, Henry Konig, Chas Sherry, H Hanover, A C Johnson, Geo R McKnight, John A Lloyd, John F McNamee, Andrew Kirk, Chas McKnight, Jas Robinson, J W Hawin, F A Robinson.

Finance Committee. – Lt Louis Zimmer, F M Sherry, A Marceton.

On motion the meeting adjourned.

W. N. SMITH, Chairman.

PHIL J. ENNIS, Secretary.

If the Committee should fail to call on their friends from Maryland and the District, they will confer a favor by sending or bringing their contributions to Capt SMITH, at the C S Laboratory, at the foot of 7th street.                           COMMITTEE.

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