From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/11/1862, p. 1, c. 5

Shoes for the Soldiers. – A large and influential meeting of citizens was held yesterday, in pursuance of the call made in the daily papers, the object being to raise money to purchase shoes for such of the soldiers of Gen. Lee's army as might be in need. Rev. J. Lansing Burrows, of the 1st Baptist Church, was chosen Chairman, and A. H. Sands, Esq., Secretary of the meeting. A number of gentlemen addressed the meeting on the objects proposed to be accomplished by the movement. Several testified from their own personal observation to the destitute condition of some of the soldiers, and the necessity of aiding the Government in supplying their wants in respect to shoes and clothing. The most generous disposition was manifested by those present, and if their feelings be an index, as we are sure it is, of the popular heart, there will be no difficulty in raising any amount necessary.

The gentlemen present subscribed between four and five thousand dollars on the spot, some individuals and firms giving their checks for as much as $800 on account of subscription to the fund proposed to be raised. On motion, committees were appointed in each ward to solicit subscription, and chairmen were appointed for the purpose of laying off each of the four wards into districts, and assigning each member of the committee his work. The committees, it will be seen, meet at 9 o'clock this morning. Promptness in this matter is very essential. We append a list of the committees and place of meeting:

Jefferson Ward — N. B Hill, Chairman; W. H. Turpin, D. Von Groning, A. Y. Stokes, Alfred King, Hector Davis, John H. Pleasants, John C. Page, R. O. Haskins, Samuel M. Price, Wm. Cullingsworth, P. B. Price, Luther Libby, Andrew Johnston, Wm. Greanor, J. H. Wilson. Meet at Old Market at 9 A M. Tuesday morning.

Madison Ward — H E C. Baskervill, Chairman; James H. Burross, Ro. E. Williams, James Alfred Jones Wm. G. Paine, William Gray, John Caskie, Ro. H. Maury, Robert Richardson. Wm. F. Butler, Wm. Ira Smith, Wm. K. Watts, John P. Ballard. Hugh W. Fry, John D. Harvey, Alfred Moses, T. W. Reisinger, P. Henry Aylett, A. K. Parker, A. L. Ellett, D. T. Williams, Wm. F. Gray, James H. Grant, John Dooley, John Purcell, Jaquelin P. Taylor, Joel B. Watkins, E. H. Gill. R. H. Dibrell, Arthur A. Horson. Meet at Tobacco Exchange at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning.

Monroe Ward—Judge Wm. H. Lyons, Chairman; Henry K. Eliyson, Wm, G. Dandridge, A. P Fox, Geo A Herring E. H. Skinker, John O. Chiles, Thomas D. Quarles, Wm. H. Haxall, Dr. C. G. Barney, Samuel J. Harrison, Ro. A. Lancaster, A. P. Harvey, John Enders, Wm. Barrett, Thos. W. McCance, Benjamin Davis, T. H. Ellett, James Purcell, Andrew Pizzini, Logan Waller, Abram Warwick, John A Bowen, Oscar Cranz, Ro. W. Powers, Geo. E. Bidgood, F. W. Hannerwinkle. Meet at Arlington House Tuesday morning, at 9 A. M.

Fourth Ward—Gen J. R. Anderson, Chairman; Coleman Wortham David J. Saunders, P. C. Nicholas, N. C, Read, W. W. Gwathmey, E. W Devoss, Samuel J. Rutherfoord, Lewis D. Crenshaw, Moses Mittledoffer, Peter Lawson, Wm. S. Phillips, John English, Thomas Boudar, Juan Pizzini, John Clash. Meet at the residence of Gen. Anderson, on Tuesday morning, at 9 A. M.

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