From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/7/1862, p. 2, c. 3

Mayor's Court.—Yesterday the following cases were disposed of by the Mayor:

W. H. Robinson was fined $2 for depositing a dead dog in an alley.

Jas. Williams, a soldier, found drunk in the street, complained Saturday morning that the officers who searched him at the cage took his money and tobacco from him and would not return it. He was confronted yesterday by the officers, all of whom swore he had nothing on him but a knife. He was sent to Castle Thunder.

Jas. W. Wood was charged by Mr. Hoenniger, of the Spotswood Hotel, with robbing room No. 44 of a fine gold watch and chain and pocket-book, belonging to one of the occupants, and a coat belonging to another. He was captured in Rocketts, wearing the watch, and the coat was found at his lodging, but the money has not been recovered. He was remanded to jail to await an examination before the Hustings Court next Monday.

The case of Michael Buckton, for felonious cutting and stabbing John Delaney, was continued until Wednesday. The accused admitted the fact; the evidence showed that he had slapped Delaney's wife's face in his presence and was struck by Delaney twice on the head with a stick, and then stabbed him — the cut disembowelling him. Delaney was supposed to be dying and an officer was sent to obtain his dying declarations.

The case of John Murray, for feloniously cutting and stabbing Michael Leary, (who has since died,) and James McCormick, was further continued until Saturday.

Lott Green, a negro who says he is free, but has no papers, was arrested for smoking a cigar in the street and ordered to be whipped.

William Hudson, another free boy, was ordered 15 lashes for disorderly conduct in the street.

Julia, slave of J. P. Ballard, charged with stealing $800 from a guest at the Ballard House, was discharged.

Joseph Bassett, a free negro, for threatening to strike a white boy in the Second Market and using indecent language, was ordered to be whipped.

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