From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/16/1863, p. 1, c. 1

The Flag

The new flag, which was displayed from the Capitol on Thursday, it is gratifying to say, gives universal satisfaction. Almost any sort of a flag, to take the place of the detested parody upon the “Stars and Stripes,” for so long the lawful ensign of the Confederacy, would have been hailed with pleasure. But the one we now have is not only acceptable on this ground, but on account of its own appropriateness; and more than this, again, because in it is preserved that immortal banner – the battle flag – which has been consecrated on so many battle-fields, and has been followed by our soldiers to so many glorious victories. We had not anticipated from the action of Congress upon the subject a result so sensible, so generally satisfactory. The councils of many on such a topic rarely produce anything but an abortion, such as the “Stars and Bars!” for instance. Let us have no more of that, but hereafter know only that appropriate and beautiful banner hallowed by our victories and now established by law.

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