From the Charleston Mercury, 3/3/1864


RICHMOND, March 2. - The force of Yankee cavalry which crossed the central Railroad near Frederick hall yesterday, divided into two columns, one moving in the direction of the James River Canal and the other to Ashland, and thence to the vicinity of this city.

The former appeared at the farm of Mr. SEDDON, the Secretary of War, in Goochland county this forenoon and burned all the flour and sawmills in the vicinity. General WISE, who was on a visit to his son-in-law on the adjoining farm, being apprised of their approach in time, made his escape.

The other Yankee column, accompanied by artillery, appeared on the Brooke Road, six miles northeast of the city this forenoon. They were kept in check by some of our troops, who manned a few sections of light artillery. Shot and shell were exchanged for about two hours, when the Yankees at last withdrew in the direction of Mechanicsville, burning the trestlework on the railroad over the Chickahominy in their retreat. Our loss in the artillery duel was one killed and seven wounded. Neither the force nor the loss of the enemy has been ascertained. His movement is probably a repetition of KILPATRICK'S raid last year. It is feared that some damage has been done to the Canal.

At the latest accounts four regiments of Yankees were advancing by the West Point River Road. They are supposed to be the same force which went to Goochland. Heavy vollies of musketry have been heard in that direction within the last half hour.


RICHMOND, March 2 - The firing heard on the Westham road about 7 o’clock last evening was an engagement between the Yankees and our defence force near Green Farm. The "Armory Battalion" of this city attacked the enemy with inferior numbers and were repulsed. HENRY'S Battalion (composed of the Department Clerks) having then advanced, was charged by the enemy; but on receiving our first volley the Yankees broke and fell back. In a short time, however, they renewed the attack, and were again repulsed. The loss in HENRY'S Battalion was two or three killed and several wounded. Amongst the killed was Captain ALBERT ELLERY, Chief Clerk of the 2d Auditor’s Office. Nothing definite has been heard of the enemy since this affair. It is believed this morning that the enemy has disappeared from the immediate vicinity of the city, and gone in the direction of the Peninsula. The weather was inclement last night, but is clear this morning.

The Latest.

RICHMOND, March 2 - p.m. - In the fight on the Westham Road last evening the Yankees lost 10 or 15 killed and about 20 wounded. Our loss was 4 killed and 15 wounded. The firing heard at 11 o’clock last night proceeded from a daring attack of the Hampton Cavalry (400 strong) upon the Yankees (3000 strong), encamped on the Central Railroad. Our cavalry, chiefly the 1st North Carolina, dashed into the Yankee camp and threw the enemy into confusion, dispersing them through the woods. We recovered a quantity of spoils, took about 100 prisoners and between 300 and 400 horses. A number of stragglers have been captured since. Up to 6 o’clock, 171, including a Lieut. Colonel, had been received at the Libby Prison.

At the latest accounts the Yankee raiders were attempting to cross the Pamunkey at New Castle, with a view to join their forces on the Peninsula.

ORANGE C. H., March 2 - Matters at the upper end of our lines are quiet. Our loss yesterday in the skirmish near Madison C. H., was twenty killed and wounded, chiefly in 1st and 2d Virginia cavalry. We also lost some prisoners. The enemy certainly crossed Germania [Germanna] Ford. Their force is not ascertained. Artillery firing was heard this evening in the direction of Main Run [Mine Run].

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