From the Richmond Examiner, 1/1/1864

THE HOSPITAL DINNER TO-DAY. – Those who expect to surround to-day the New Year's board, loaded with savoury viands exhaling in incense of thanks will enjoy a double relish, if, out of the family abundance, they remember the sick and wounded soldiers in the hospitals, and enable them, for one day, to forego and forget the hospital and hospital fare. Give them this day one vision of home, and something like the home-board they would gather round if there.

As there will, doubtless, be a superabundance of supplies furnished in the hospitals, it has been suggested that a portion of these contributions be devoted to the use of the returned Confederate prisoners who arrived a few days since from the North.

They are now at Camp Lee, and it is certainly becoming that they, too, should be remembered kindly by our citizens to-day. After the exposure and hardships to which they have been subjected, this attention on the part of our people will certainly be duly appreciated by them.

All contributions of food and other articles which may be sent to the lecture room of the Second Presbyterian church (Dr. Hoge's) this forenoon, between the hours of 9 and 12 o'clock, will be immediately dispatched to Camp Lee, and a collation provided for the returned prisoners there.

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