From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/16/1862, p. 2, c. 5

Arrival of Prisoners – Yesterday, about 5 o'clock, there arrived at the C. S. prison, Cary street, from the lower Chickahominy, the following prisoners, viz: James McGrath, Captain company G, 42d New York; First Lieuts. H. B. Masters, 55th New York; John Paine, 42d New York, Chas. B. Davis and Wm. M. McLean, 5th U. S. cavalry; Albert P. Marrell, 2d Lieut. 6th Pennsylvania cavalry and Adam Tran, Assistant Surgeon 5th U. S. cavalry. Besides the 11 officers, there were also brought in 147 other prisoners and 11 negroes, 8 of whom were slaves. The parties were captured by Gen. Stuart's cavalry, on the 13th of June, within the enemy's lines, his men in accomplishing the arrest passing between two full brigades of the enemy. By his daring he was enabled to inflict considerable damage on the foe, for particulars of which reference can be had to another column. Among the abolition prisoners are eight Yankee sutlers, whose stores were destroyed prior to their capture. Mr. Braxton Garlick, of New Kent, the owner of several of the slaves referred to above, called at the prison yesterday evening and identified them. The prisoners arrived in the midst of a drenching rain, and were thoroughly soaked. They represented the affair which eventuated in their capture as one of the most daring and brilliant of the war.

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