From the Richmond Examiner, 1/17/1866, p. 3, c. 5

EXPLOSION OF A SHELL – TWO MEN KILLED. – Yesterday, about noon, a shell explosion, attended with fatal results in the cases of two men, occurred on this side of the river, at Mayo’s bridge, near Robert Allen’s. Two men, named George Birch and Thomas Martin, were endeavoring to remove the cap from an old shell which they had picked up, for the purpose of removing the powder and breaking the shell up for old iron. While so employed, in the face of all the warnings and accidents resulting under like circumstances, the shell exploded, killing Birch outright almost, and inflicting mortal injuries upon Martin. Martin was conveyed to his dwelling, corner of Main and Seventeenth streets, where he died between three and four o’clock yesterday afternoon. We understand he leaves a family, consisting of a wife and two children. We did not learn the domestic relations sustained by Birch.

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