From the Hartford (CT) Daily Courant, 6/17/1865, p. 1, c. 4

MR. EDITOR: - In your paper of the 30th ult. You speak of the complaints made by members of the First Connecticut Heavy Artillery, because they are still detained in service near Richmond, and have not been recently paid off; and you intimate that the commanding officer of that regiment is to blame for these difficulties. Now as the Eighth, Tenth, and Eleventh infantry regiments from Connecticut, are also held in service near Richmond, and as they are suffering from lack of money, having some six months pay due to them, the question arises, is General Abbott responsible for all the troubles of all the Connecticut soldiers? If he is, he ought to be looked after. But, if the artillery boys (who have had so easy a time of army life through the personal influence of their officers with the war department, during most of their four years of service,) fare as well now as do the hard fought infantry veterans, hadn’t they better stop their growling? Or, for a variety, let them mention in their next letters what veteran organizations are being sent home, and how a regimental officer can hurry up the payment of his troops.


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