From the Richmond Dispatch, 3/3/1863, p. 1, c. 5

Arrival of Abolition Officers and Soldiers. – Brig.-Gen. August Willick, of the 1st brigade, 2d division, of Rosecrans’s army, and 64 other commissioned officers, part of the proceeds of Bragg’s encounter with the Hessians at Murfreesboro, Tenn., arrived in Richmond at a late hour Sunday night, and were confined in the Libby prison. Last night the Central train brought down 190 men, captured on Thursday last, February 26th, near Woodstock, by cavalry force of Gen. Jones's command. Among the commissioned officers taken with the men, and brought to Richmond were Capts Pat Kane, T A Byrnes, John H Struthers, John Kline, N S Sneyd and J J Bowers, and Lieuts Jos Roberts, John O Riley, Lew McMakin, S S Readson, and Jas Clarke, all of Pennsylvania cavalry regiments. There are now about 120 Abolition officers in the Libby prison.

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