From the Richmond Dispatch, 2/11/1863, p. 1, c. 5

Abolition Prisoners. – Ninety-three Abolition sailors, belonging to the Yankee gunboat Isaac Smith, who were captured in Stono river, S. C., on the 30th of January, arrived in Richmond yesterday, and were conducted to the Libby prison. – Most of them were foreigners. Among the names recorded were Antonio Watchguts and Alexander Mackerel. On the same day there arrived at the above prison thirty-five members of the 5th Pennsylvania cavalry from Williamsburg. They were captured about eight miles from Williamsburg on the 7th of February. Included in this batch were Captain Dupist Haiglemeister, of co L; Edward Rhineneiler, 1st Lieut, co H, and Thos Littis, 2d Lieut, do, and Privates Frederick Flasung and Chas Dipitkait. On the same day there also arrived twenty-six members of the 5th Pennsylvania cavalry from Gordonsville, who were captured in Stafford county on the 6th of February. The majority of these prisoners were equally as foreign, so far as regards names, as their brother Yankees. In all, 154 prisoners were brought to the Libby prison yesterday.

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