From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/26/1863, p. 1, c. 4

The Abolition Prisoners. – Owing to the fact that no boat was reported at City Point on Saturday or Sunday, none of the Abolition prisoners left by flag of truce on those days. They will be started off directly [when] the Lincoln Governement provides a conveyance for them. Saturday evening thirty-two Yankees were brought to the Libby prison, twenty-four of whom came from Tennessee, the balance were captured near Manassas, and were brought down by the Central railroad.

NOTE. – Sunday evening the telegraph reported the arrival of four steamboats at City Point, and last night eighteen hundred Yankees were gotten ready for a journey this morning. We believe the Yankee boats brought few, if any, passengers bound South. They will carry the Yankees to the camp for paroled men near Annapolis, Md., where a large number will embrace the opportunity of running off, as they have done heretofore.

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