From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/9/1863, p. 1, c. 5

Flag of Truce. – This morning Lieut. Virginius Bossieux will carry down 500 Yankees, to be placed on board the flag of truce boat, 124 of whom are sick and wounded. Among these are three citizens who have been placed on special parole; one of whom, named Bull, is particularly charged with the release of the son of Col. Larkin Smith, Ass’t Q. M. General.

N. C. Ball, alluded to above, was a sutler in the Abolition army, and was captured by Gen. Stuart in one of his raids. He exchanged himself for Mr. Sowers, of Clarke county, a constituent of Mr. Boteler, who returned yesterday. He carries with him his son, (and clerk,) captured at the same time, who has given his parole to return in thirty days, unless young Smith be released and permitted to return home. All of the Abolitionists who go to-day were captured at Fredericksburg. Sixty of them, on account of the want of room in the accommodation at 7 o’clock, will start in the mail train at 3, and be detained in Petersburg till rejoined by their comrades tomorrow morning, and then the lot will be started northward.

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