From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/22/1863, p. 1, c. 6

Prison Items. – The following arrivals were chronicled at Castle Thunder yesterday: Wm R Harlow, co E, 46th Vat to be court martialed; Dan’l Kennedy, under sentence of death, to be shot thirty days from January 19th; ??? Fletcher, Branch’s artillery, desertion; John Patterson, L T Proolz, Isaac Groom, Wm Collett, Seth Slavin, John Stringfield, conscripts sent by the Provost Marshal of Petersburg; and Emmanuel Ayer, Elias Alger, Jas Parks, John Smilser, Wm Jewell, Wm Smilser, Henry Kits, conscripts, sent by Major Kayser, from Page county, Va; Wm Frazier and John W Phillips, co H, 33d Va, desertion; David Moody, supposed deserter; Peter Dozier, co K, 12th Va, and Wm. ????, 5th Va, to be sent to their regiments; Benj B Gentry, Nelson artillery, charges to be preferred; Cary N Ru???in, co F, 6th Va, to be sent to his regiment. Yesterday there were, in addition to the other prisoners, 190 Yankees in the Castle.

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